Standard Fiber Optic Cable Color Coding Chart

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Tube or Filler # Color
1 Blue
2 Orange
3 Green
4 Brown
5 Slate
6 White
7 Red
8 Black
9 Yellow
10 Violet
11 Pink (Rose)
12 Aqua

Loose tube cables with 36 fibers or less are composed of up to 6 color-coded fibers in individual color-coded tubes. Higher fiber counts are composed of up to 12 fibers in individual color-coded buffer tubes. For cables containing more than 144 fibers, a black stripe is added to duplicate color-coded tubes to make recognizable groups.

For example: A 24 fiber loose tube cable will have 6 fibers in each of 4 tubes. The tube colors will be blue, orange, green and brown. Fiber colors will be blue, orange, green, brown, slate, and white. Fibers are identified by tube color/fiber color. Blue/White is the white fiber in the blue tube.

Tight buffered distribution cables with 12 fibers or less will be colored according to the chart under a single jacket. Higher fiber counts will be grouped in subunits of 6 or 12 color-coded fibers each. Tight buffered breakout cables contain a single fiber in each subunit with the buffer color varying for each 12 subunit set. Subunit jackets can be color-coded or numbered for identification.

In cables of mixed fiber types (hybrids), the multimode fibers will begin the color sequence.

Outer jacket standard colors:
Premise cables with multimode fibers are ORANGE.
Premise cables with singlemode fibers are YELLOW.
Premise cables with mixed (hybrid) fibers are BLACK.
Indoor/Outdoor cables with any/all fibers are BLACK.

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