Metric Conversion

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To Convert From To Multiply By
Circular Mils Square Inches .0000007854
Circular Mils Square Mils .7854
Circular Mils Square Millimeters 5.0671
Square Centimeters Square Inches .155
Square Feet Square Meters .0929
Square Inches Circular Mils 1,273,240
Square Inches Square Centimeters 6.452
Square Inches Square Mils 1,000,000
Square Meters Square Feet 10.76
Square Millimeters Square Inches .00155
Square Millimeters Circular Mils .1974
Square Mils Circular Mils 1,2732
Square Mils Square Inches .0000001
Centimeters Inches .3937
Centimeters Feet .03281
Feet Centimeters 30.48
Feet Meters .3048
Inches Centimeters 2.54
Inches Meters .0254
Inches Millimeters 25.4
Inches Mils 1,000
Kilometers Miles 0.6214
Meters Feet 3.2808
Meters Inches 39.3701
Meters Yards 1.0936
Miles Kilometers 1.6093
Millimeters Inches .03937
Millimeters Mils 39.3701
Mils Inches .001
Mils Millimeters .0254
Yards Meters 0.9144
Kilograms Pounds 2.205
Kilograms per Kilometers Pounds per 1000 Feet .6719
Ohms per Kilometer Ohms per 1000 Feet .3048
Ohms per 1000 Feet Ohms per Kilometer 3.2808
Ohms per 1000 Yards Ohms per Kilometer 1.0936
Picofarads per Foot Picofarads per Meter 3.285
Pounds Kilograms 0.4536
Pounds per 1000 Feet Kilograms per Kilometer 1.488
Pounds per 1000 Yards Kilograms per Kilometer 0.4960
Diam. Circle Circumference Circle 3.1416
Diam. Circle Side of Equal Squares .8862
Diam. Sphere-Cubed Volume of Sphere .5236
US Gallons Imperial Gallons (British) .8327
US Gallons Cubic Feet .1337
US Gallons Pounds of Water (20°C) 8.33
Cubic Feet Pounds of Water (4°C) 62.4
Feet of Water (4°C) Pounds per Square Inch .4336
Inches of Mercury (0°C) Pounds per Square Inch .4912
Knots Miles per Hour 1.1516

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