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 Lamp Cord

TYPE SPT-1/SPT-2/SPT-3 LAMP CORD - 300 Volt, PVC Insulation, Stranded Conductor, 105°C/60°C Dry

Lamp Cord is the parallel insulated type SPT which consists of two bare copper conductors laid flat with integral thermoplastic insulation and jacket. The cable is designed to be used where the nature of the service is not severe.

  • Bare stranded copper conductor
  • One conductor marked for polarity identification
  • Extra flexible stranded copper conductors
  • Parallel construction with mid web
  • Passes UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 vertical flame test
  • OSHA Acceptable
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature:
                    SPT-1 105°C DRY
                    SPT-2 60°C and 105°C DRY
                    SPT-3 60°C DRY

  • Lamp Cord
    Application: Household appliances, including lamps, clocks, fans, and radios

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