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RG11/U COAX CABLE - 75 Ohm Broadcast Coaxial, FP Insulation, PVC Jacket, Solid Conductor

RG 11/U Coaxial Cables are designed for video, audio and data needs. For long-length, backbone applications, RG 11/U Coaxial Cable is ideal for entry point feeder systems running to a building and extending to each floor and room of a commercial or residential building. RG 11/U Coaxial Cable is also available in plenum constructions that meet the requirements for installation in a plenum air space for safety required by building regulatory agencies. End-users of RG 11/U Coaxial Cables benefit from higher signal quality for television, cable and internet transmission and increased safety. RG 11/U Coaxial Cable is ideal for improved audio and video performance in home theater applications.

  • Single, double and quad shield available
  • NEC Article 725 & 820, UL Subject 13 & 1581, Types CL2/CATV
  • Temperature Rating: -20øC to +60øC

  • RG11
    Application: Long-length, backbone video, audio and data applications

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