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 Type TGGT

TYPE TGGT HIGH TEMPERATURE APPLIANCE LEAD WIRE - 600 Volt, PTFE Tape Insulation, Fiberglass Braid Jacket, Stranded or Solid Single Conductor, 250°C Dry and Wet Locations

Type TGGT high-temperature cable is a tough treated glass braid and servings that permit the product to withstand repeated flexing and severe mechanical abuse. TGGT is moisture resistant, chemically inert and manufactured with heat-stable materials. Primarily used for internal wiring of commercial, industrial and household ovens, cooking and drying equipment. The cable is also suited for severe hot spot locations in industrial processing; blast furnaces, soaking pit banks and coke plant wiring.

  • All components 250°C rated in continuous service
  • Critical high temperature performance
  • Designed for flexing applications
  • Superior Resistance to High Temperature, Abrasion, Chemicals and Moisture
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 250°C DRY, 250°C WET

  • Type TGGT
    Application: Appliances, consumer and commercial heating and cooling equipment, ovens, kilns, band, strip and cartridge heaters, and similar applications up to 250 C

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