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 Type SRGT

TYPE SRGT CRITICAL CIRCUIT WIRE - 600 Volt, Silicone Rubber Insulation, Fiberglass Braid & Extruded FEP Jacket, Stainless Steel Wire Braid, Stranded Single Conductor, 200°C Dry Location

Type SRGT is a high temperature, fire resistant, single conductor lead wire, for applications where flexibility, resistance to abrasion, oil and other fluids is desired. This wire is widely used in refineries, chemical plants, and finishing mills in steel plants, where the continuous ambient temperature does not exceed 200°C. This insulated wire will maintain circuit integrity during fire conditions for more than one hour.

  • Moisture, abrasion and cut-through resistant
  • Superior resistance to oil, most acids and other fluids
  • Fire resistant with low smoke characteristics
  • Flexible design
  • For use in circuits where the preservation of circuit integrity is vital
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 200°C DRY

  • Type SRGT
    Application: Vital circuits in refineries and chemical plants

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