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 Type HPN

TYPE HPN PARALLEL HEATER CORD - 300 Volt, Neoprene Insulation, Stranded Conductor, 90°C Dry

Type HPN Cord is used with heating appliances such as toasters and flat irons. Type HPN is similar to type SPT with the exception that it's wall thickness is much greater and the insulation is specially compounded neoprene.

  • Extra flexible stranding and parallel construction makes cord easy to strip and connect
  • Green grounding conductor separates readily from circuit conductors for easy processability
  • Mechanically tough
  • Heat and oil resistant
  • Excellent resistance to acids, alkalies, sunlight and ozone
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 90°C DRY

  • Type HPN
    Application: Heating appliances, toasters, waffle irons, soldering irons, heat lamps, frying pans, coffee makers & similar devices

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