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TYPE NPLFR NON-POWER LIMITED FIRE ALARM CABLE - 150 Volt, PVC Insulation, PVC Jacket, Solid or Stranded Conductor, 90°C DRY

Non-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable is for indoor use in vertical runs that penetrate more than one floor. This cable is designed for use with fire alarm, smoke detectors, signaling, fire protective circuits operating at 150 volts or less. Constructed of PVC insulation and red PVC jacket, the cable is available either shielded or unshielded.

  • For vertical runs that penetrate more than one floor
  • Red jacketed cable
  • Available shielded or unshielded
  • Meets the requirements of NEC Article 760 and UL Standard No 1425
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 90°C DRY

  • Type NPLFR
    Application: Fire/life safety systems, fire and alarm notification, smoke/heat detection, building control circuits and initiating circuit systems

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