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 Type TWP Extra-Thin Primary Wire

TYPE TWP EXTRA-THIN AUTOMOTIVE PRIMARY WIRE - 50 Volt, PVC Insulation, Stranded Conductor, 85°C

Type TWP cable is constructed with soft-annealed, flexible, stranded copper and insulated with high-quality thermoplastic. The TWP extra-thin cable is for use in automotive electrical applications where general circuit wiring is required. The cable is designed for surface vehicle electrical systems of automobiles, boats, buses, RVs and trucks where higher heat resistance is required according to SAE J1128.

  • Extra-thin construction
  • Available in solid colors and stripes
  • Meets Ford MlL-120A and Chrysler MS-7889 specifications
  • Conforms to SAE J1128
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 85°C

  • Type TWP Extra-Thin Primary Wire
    Application: Automotive general circuit wiring

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