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TYPE NPLFP PLENUM NON-POWER LIMITED FIRE ALARM CABLE - 150 Volt, FEP Insulation, FEP Jacket, Solid or Stranded Conductor, 150°C DRY

Plenum Fire Alarm Cable is for indoor use within ducts, plenums, and other spaces used for environmental air for fire/life safety systems, fire and alarm notification, smoke/heat detection, building control circuits and initiating circuit systems operating at 150 volts or less.

  • For installation within ducts, plenums,& other spaces used for environmental air
  • Red jacketed cable
  • Intended for NPLF systems operating at 150 volts or less
  • Available shielded or unshielded
  • UL 1425 - Type NPLFP
  • Constructed in accordance with NEC Article 760
  • Complies with UL 910
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 150°C DRY

  • Type NPLFP
    Application: Fire protective signaling circuits

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