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 Relay Rack Junction Kit

RELAY RACK JUNCTION KIT - Ladder to Relay Rack Mounting Kit

Constructed of heavy-duty steel, Ladder Cable Trays provide convenient cable management directly to your computer room and easily attaches to your enclosure or relay rack and assures appropriate cable support. Ladder Cable Trays are an advanced, comprehensive system of ladder racking components which provide easy routing, location, and identification of data pathways. It can be used in virtually any environment that requires overhead/ceiling cable management for data centers, equipment rooms, and any other IT environment. Ladder Cable Trays are available for various applications and is used in conjunction with hardware kits to accommodate a variety of configurations. Accessories provide additional cable capacity and allow smooth cable transitions. Choose from several manufacturers in many lengths, widths and colors.

  • Allows for mounting to top of relay rack
  • Can be junctioned parallel or perpendicular to rack
  • Sturdy welded rail
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel
  • Durable, non-corrosive finish

  • Relay Rack Junction Kit
    Application: Junctioning cable runway and equipment racks

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