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 MI Cable

MINERAL INSULATED (MI) CABLE - 600V, MO Insulation, Copper Shealth, HDPE Jacket (optional), 550°C

MI Cable is mineral insulated heating cables that are designed for a wide range of applications, including pipe freeze protection, process temperature maintenance, roof and gutter de-icing, snow melting and floor warming. The copper sheath allows for a rugged yet flexible heating cable, which is easy to install, and the low resistance of the copper provides an ideal ground path. For applications that require additional protection, such as concrete or asphalt snow melting, the copper MI heating cable is coated with a high density polyethylene jacket. MI is also used where high power output, high exposure temperatures, or extreme resistance to environmental corrosives are needed.

  • Continuous output along heated length
  • No degradation
  • Immersible
  • Corrosion resistant (Alloy 825 sheath or HDPE overjacket)
  • Numerous voltages available
  • Can be overlapped without burnout
  • Series circuitry eliminates voltage drop
  • No inrush current reduces power feed requirements
  • Factory fabricated heaters for simple installation
  • High exposure and maintenance temperatures
  • Hazardous location ratings
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 550°C

  • MI Cable
    Application: Floor Warming, pipe and tank tracing, drum heater and snow melt; industrial freeze protection

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