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 SR Cable

SELF REGULATING (SR) CABLE - 277 Volts, Jacket And Metallic Overshield, Two Parallel Bus Wires, 250°C

Since their introduction in 1971, self regulating heating cables (also known as self limiting heating tapes) have become the most common form of electric trace heating cable used in the world today. They can be used for a wide variety of applications including freeze protection of pipework and vessels, process temperature maintenance, heating of roads, ramps, walkways etc, gutter and roof heating, & floor warming. Self regulating (SR) cable is specified for applications requiring heat output to vary with changes in temperature. SR increases heat output as temperature decreases, and conversely, decreases heat output as temperature increases. SR Cables consist of two parallel bus wires encased in a self regulating conductive core with a jacket and metallic overshield.

  • Continuous output along heated length
  • Cut-to-length and field terminate
  • Easily overlapped with no burnout
  • Hazardous location ratings
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 250°C

  • SR Cable
    Application: For applications requiring heat output to vary with changes in temperature

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