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 Type MC-HL Variable Frequency Drive

ARMORED TYPE MC-HL VARIBLE FREQUENCY DRIVE (VFD) POWER CABLE - 600/2000 Volt, Aluminum Interlocked Armor, XLP Insulation, PVC Jacket, Stranded Copper Conductor, 90°C Dry, 90°C Wet

VFD cables are shielded, flexible motor supply cable for variable speed drives subject to non-linear power distortions. This cable is used to interconnect an AC variable frequency drive or control system, to an AC variable frequency motor. Variable Frequency AC motor drive output cables are subject to a harsh operating environment characterized by high voltage spikes, high noise levels and adverse environmental conditions. VFD cables were designed to overcome the shortcomings of unshielded tray cables, single conductor lead wire installed in conduit or continuously welded armored cable typically used in this application. This cable is constructed with crosslinked polyethylene (XLP) insulation and an UV and oil resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket.

  • Designed for use on VFD applications
  • Disperses voltage spikes, harmonics, and power distortions associated with variable frequency drives
  • For installation in cable tray, wire ways, racks, or buried directly
  • Resistant to most oils and sunlight
  • Armor is imprevious to moisture, gas and liquid
  • Flame and sunlight resistant PVC jacket
  • Suitable for marine shipboard and offshore oil rig cables
  • Permitted for use in Class I, Division II and Class II, Division II per NEC
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 90°C DRY, 90°C WET

  • Type MC-HL Variable Frequency Drive
    Application: AC variable frequency drive or control system, to an AC variable frequency motor

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