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 CCTV Coax Cable - Plenum

PLENUM CCTV CABLE with POWER, FEP Insulation, LSPVC Jacket, Copper Conductor, Braid Shield, 80°C

Closed-Circuit Television Cable Comprise both low frequency (horizontal and vertical sync pulse information) and high frequency video information. This cable can be used with almost all cameras and has power wires for the camera in the same jacket. With bare copper for optimum performance, CCTV video signal is a baseband composite video with fairly low frequency components and the low DC resistance of bare copper greatly improves the video signal transmission.

  • For installation within ducts, plenums & other spaces used for environmental air
  • RG59/2 Conductor or RG6/2 Conductor
  • All under one sheath and in-wall rated
  • CMP rated

  • CCTV Coax Cable - Plenum
    Application: Closed-circuit television

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