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THERMOCOUPLE EXTENSION WIRE - Solid or Stranded Alloy Wire

Use extension wire to conncect your thermcouple elements to your measurement and automation systems in less harsh enviroments. It is important to match your extension wire type to your thermocouple element type, otherwise errors can be introduced into your system. Thermocouple extension wire is available in a wide range of insulating and jacketing material to suit the most demanding environmental conditions.

  • ANSI Color-Coded Insulation and Jacket
  • Matched and Calibrated to Standard Limits of Error per ISA Specification RP-1.1-3 and ANSI Circular MC 96.1

    TYPE EX, Chromel-Constantan
  • PVC insulation and jacket

    TYPE JX, iron-Constantan
  • PVC insulation and jacket
  • Glass braid insulation and jacket
  • FEP insulation and jacket

    TYPE KX, Chromel-Alumel
  • PVC insulation and jacket

    TYPE TX, Copper-Constantan
  • PVC insulation and jacket

    TYPE RSX, Copper Alloy #11
  • PVC insulation and jacket
  • Hi-Temp glass braid insulation and jacket

  • Extension Wire
    Application: Extending RTD and Thermistor Signal Leads

    Specifications listed are from multiple manufacturers. The items above represent only a portion of the products available. For specific manufacturer technical information or for an item not shown, please contact a Calvert Wire cabling specialist at 800-837-2668.