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 Tight Buffer

HEAVY-DUTY TIGHT BUFFER FIBER CABLE - Premise Distribution, Singlemode or Multimode, Riser or Plenum, 85°C

Tight buffer Fiber Cable consist of a 900 micron protective cover surrounding the bare fiber. Groups of fibers, usually 6 or 12 are then inserted into the buffer tube along with strength members. Tight Buffer Cables can be used outdoors which avoids having to switch from outdoor cables when entering the building. This cable is used for communication closet to wall outlet and underground conduit between buildings in token ring, 10BASE-F, Fast Ethernet, FOIRL, Fibre Channel FC-PH, ATM, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, Sonet, voice, video and other networking applications.

  • Heavy Duty Breakout Riser or Plenum Rated
  • 62.5/125 FDDI/ATM Standard, Multi-mode tight buffer
  • Singlemode, multimode, and hybrid designs available
  • For installation in trough, conduit, ducts, cable tray, aerial and burial
  • Flexible, small diameter, 900 æm tightbuffered construction
  • Six to 144 count fiber construction riser designs ideal for horizontal and backbone installation
  • Flame Rating: OFNR/OFN FT4 Riser or OFNP/OFN FT6 Plenum

  • Tight Buffer
    Application: Backbone, Horizontal and Patch Cable

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