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 Loose Tube Outside Plant - Armored

LOOSE TUBE FIBER CABLE - Gel-filled, Armored, Outside Plant, Singlemode or Multimode, Backbone, 75°C

Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable is rated to be used in outdoor applications. The individual 250 micron diameter fibers are laid loosely in a buffer tube containing a moisture barrier. The loose tube construction allows for contraction and expansion due to temperature and small changes in the surrounding soil due to frost. The fiber cable is designed for installation in harsh environments such as direct burial, aerial lashing, conduit and pathways that are subjected to wide temperature variations in Token Ring, 10BASE-F, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FOIRL, Fibre Channel FC-PH, ATM, FDDI, Sonet, voice, video and other networking systems.

  • For installation in direct burial where rodent protection or additional security is required
  • Jacketed armor that remains flexible due to the spiral wrap armoring process
  • High tensile strength, crush resistant and small diameter design
  • Designed to stand up to rigors of the outside plant environment even above frost line
  • Extremely durable for hazardous environments or difficult cable installations
  • Fully water-blocked core using dry water blocking system
  • UV and moisture resistant polyethylene outer jacket
  • Singlemode, multimode, and hybrid designs available

  • Loose Tube Outside Plant - Armored
    Application: Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit ATM, Fibre Channel and other high-speed applications

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