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 Outside Plant Telephone Cable PE-89

OUTSIDE PLANT TELEPHONE CABLE - REA Spec. PE-89 Direct Burial, Foamed PO Insulation, PE Jacket

This Outside Plant Telephone Cable meets the REA Specification PE-89 for telephone cable. Used for distribution and long distance networks, the cable is approved for direct burial, duct or aerial installations when supported by a messenger. In addition, the telephone cable can be used in wet environments where protection from moisture is required.

  • Designed for use as a duct, aerial, or direct burial cable
  • Available up to 3600 pair
  • Sunlight-resistant, linear low-density polyethylene jacket
  • Individual conductors twisted into pairs with varying lays to minimize crosstalk
  • Specified color combinations to provide pair identification

  • Outside Plant Telephone Cable PE-89
    Application: Trunk & exchange area service

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