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 Multimedia Cable


Making a home or office multimedia ready has never been easier with the Composite Multimedia Cable, a complete cable bundle designed for whole-house access to voice, video and data technologies. By combining multiple telephone and coaxial cables into a single bundle, this high-performance cable cuts installation time and cost by allowing you to pull all the cables at once, instead of separately. Composite constructions include 2 CAT 5e 24/4 pair UTP Cables for voice & data, and 2 RG6/U Quad Shielded satellite grade coaxial cables tested to 2.4 GHz. Also available with fiber optic cable.

  • All of the cables needed for multimedia applications in a single cable design
  • Reduce installation time by pulling voice, video and data cables at once
  • Available with and without fiber optic cables

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    Multimedia Cable
    Application: Residential Voice, Video and Data Cabling
     Key Pad Cable

    COMPOSITE DATA, AUDIO, VIDEO, SECURITY AND CONTROL CABLE - PO Insulation, PVC Jacket, Copper Conductor, 75°C

    The Key Pad Cables are designed to interface with all major touch panel control brands and cable distribution boxes and a variety of automated systems and devices such as home theatre/entertainment systems, computer networks, lighting, window and security systems. By bundling high performance voice, data and video cables into a single composite cable, cabling guesswork is eliminated for Intelligent Home and Smart office/commercial installations.

  • One Cat 5 4-pair, 24 AWG unshielded plus four 18 AWG stranded bare copper conductors
  • Offers installation simplicity
  • Flame-retardant PVC jacket

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    Key Pad Cable
    Application: Touch panel controls, cable distribution boxes, and various automated systems/devices

    Specifications listed are from multiple manufacturers. The items above represent only a portion of the products available. For specific manufacturer technical information or for an item not shown, please contact a Calvert Wire cabling specialist at 800-837-2668.