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Anapact® General Cable
Beldfoil® Belden
Corflex® Nexans
Cupic® Essex Group
Durasheath® General Cable
Exane® Rockbestos/Surprenant
FEP® DuPont
FG2000® Cable USA
Flamearrest® Belden
Flame-Guard® General Cable
Lamenol® General Cable
Gardex® Rockbestos/Surprenant
Halar® Ausimont
Hypalon® DuPont
Integraflame® Cable USA
Kynar® Penwalt
Mylar® DuPont
NEC® National Fire Protection
Neoprene® DuPont
Nordell® DuPont
Perfect-a-Flex® Rockbestos/Surprenant
Romex® General Cable
Splef® Soltex
Stalpeth® Essex Group
Stalpic® Essex Group
Surlyn® DuPont
Tefzel® DuPont
Teldar® DuPont
TFE® DuPont
UL® Underwriters Laboratories
Unicon® General Cable
Unishield® General Cable
Vulkene® General Electric
Zetabon® Dow Chemical
Zytel® DuPont

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